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Reaching Families was established in 2008 by our project manager Brian O’Hagan. The organisation exists to “…empower, care for and inform parents and families of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities in West Sussex”. We are achieving this through the delivery of high quality services that include:-

Making Sense of it All

Access to information is one of the biggest challenges to parent-carers both locally and nationally. For that reason we publish a parent-carer guide, Making Sense of it All, which provides parents with information on a wide range of important subjects including diagnosis, benefits & money matters, special educational needs, accessing support from health and social care, etc. It also contains a directory of over 400 local and national organisations and an extensive jargon buster.

Making Sense of Adult Life

Transition to adult life is a notoriously challenging period for young people with special needs and disabilities and their families. Therefore, in addition to MSOIA, we published Making Sense of Adult Life, which brings together information on a wide variety of subjects in order to help parents support their child through this period of change.

Both books are available to order FREE (plus postage and packing) from our publications page. The current edition of Making Sense of it All is also available in Kindle and iBook format from our e-book page.

Fact Sheets

We have published a diverse series of localized fact sheets on child disabilities and rare syndromes that combine clinical information on a condition with local information on relevant projects, services and support. In partnership with Amaze we have also co-published a large miscellaneous range of fact sheets that again combine clinical information with local information on relevant projects and services. Please visit our fact sheets page for further information.


We deliver high quality workshops for parent-carers on a wide variety of subjects including:

Our training road-show has proved very popular as it allows us to repeat popular workshops at various locations across the county. Please visit our Training page or take a look at our most recent flyer to see when we will next be delivering workshops near you.

Umbrellas Parent Support Group

We deliver a monthly support group for parent-carers of children with SEND in various locations including Billingshurst, Littlehampton and Worthing. The groups are vital in helping isolated parents make connections with other parents in a similar situation. It also helps in signposting parents to other relevant projects and services.

For further information regarding the Worthing and Littlehampton groups please contact Rosemary Hudson via email or phone her on 07704 037664. For Billingshurst please contact Michele Creed via email or phone her on 07470 005734.

Visit our Parent Guides page where
you can find out how to get hold of
your copy of Making Sense of It All
or Making Sense of Adult Life,
our guides to accessing services
and support for families of children
and young people with special needs
and disabilities in West Sussex.

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“Reaching Families offers a unique product in West Sussex. It is comforting to know that the organisation is parent carer led but offers practical tools to assist us in our day to day lives”