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In order to make our parent guides as accessible and environmentally sustainable as possible both are available in either iBook or Kindle format. These can be downloaded either directly onto an iPad, Kindle or other e-reader, or transferred to your device after download.


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Making Sense of it All

A parent and carer’s guide for supporting children aged 0-14 (4th Edition)

Making Sense of it All is designed to help parents of children with SEND aged 0-14 in West Sussex learn how to get the support they need for their child and family. It covers a wide range of subjects including diagnosis, benefits, education, health, social care, local leisure opportunities plus a directory of over 400 local and national organisations and an extensive jargon buster.

The book is firmly established as a must have guide for parents in West Sussex and is sometimes referred to as the “parent-carer bible”. Since we first published Making Sense of it All in 2012 we have distributed over 10,000 copies of the book.

In October 2019 we published a 4th edition of the guide. This edition includes major updates on the delivery of education, health and social care in West Sussex, a considerable number of new entries in our directories as well as a comprehensive index to ensure information is always to hand.

Making Sense of Adult Life

A guide to transition to adulthood (2nd Edition)

Transition to adult life is a notoriously challenging period for young people with special needs and disabilities and their families. Making Sense of Adult Life brings together information on a wide variety of subjects in order to help parents support their child through this period of change.

The book provides information on the following subjects - adolescence and emotional well-being, benefits & money management, further education, training and employment, moving to adult health & social care, housing & independent living and social and leisure activities. The book also contains a directory of local and national organisations and an extensive jargon buster.

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