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Impact Assessment

Reaching Families places enormous importance on continual monitoring & evaluation of our work to ensure we are delivering the best possible service to the parents and families we support. We routinely monitor each of our services and also carry out other qualitative and quantitative evaluations to measure the progress we make in meeting the following outcomes:

  1. Disabled children and young people will have better chances in life as a result of their parent’s improved access to information and training

  2. Parent-carers will have improved self-confidence and life skills as a result of attending our training workshops

  3. Disabled children, young people and their families will be healthier as a result of their parent’s access to information, training and peer support

  4. Families of children with disabilities will have improved resilience as a result of peer support from other families in a similar situation to their own

For a more detailed view of what we have achieved for and learned from parents over the course of 2017 and 2018, and how we aim to develop our work in the future, please download the following Impact Reports.

Impact Report 2017Impact Report 2018

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"Great support, really useful information and a sense that they know what it’s really like for us as a family"