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During the coronavirus pandemic Reaching Families have been running successful Live Chats on Facebook, giving parents the opportunity to ask practitioners questions on a variety of topics. After each session practitioners compile a summary video of the issues they covered in their session. We hope you find the following summary videos useful. Please check this page regularly as new content will be added every time we deliver live sessions.

Making Sense of

Jane Cross: How to help your child with anxiety during lockdown, managing our own anxieties, helping your child to understand the facts around the virus, recognising how anxiety can present or disguise as other behaviours.

Making Sense of
Home Education

Jane Cross: How to encourage learning at home during lockdown, covering topics like anxiety, expectations, structure and routines, goals, stimulating child’s natural curiosity and using a skills based curriculum as an alternative to a knowledge based approach.

Top Ten
Survival Strategies

Caroline Lane: Top ten tips for dealing with lockdown including self-care, staying connected, setting goals, having a tool kit of resources.

Making Sense of Challenging
Behaviour in Adolescence

Denise Snook: Summary video covering issues that can affect behaviours in adolescents and strategies for meeting these needs and manage behaviours. Subjects covered include sensory needs, food and self-control, friendships (Social Communication), managing meltdowns.

Making Sense of
Challenging Behaviour

Jane Cross: Understanding the reasons for behaviours such as sensory environment, inability to emotionally regulate and low tolerance and teaching strategies and demonstrating what behaviours we would like to encourage.

Making Sense of
Issues around Food

Louisa Hargett: Top tips for food issues during Lockdown including giving child control, strategies to encourage variety of foods, ways to prepare for change within a child’s tolerance. Includes some questions and answers covering oral motor skills, introducing new foods, food obsessions and routines.

Making Sense of
Sensory Processing Issues

Vicky Ruffle: Covering the eight sensory systems (visual, auditory, smell, taste, interoception, tactile, vestibular and proprioceptive), how these are affected during lockdown, and how we can help.

Making Sense of Supporting
Siblings of Children with SEND

Tasha Brabon: Discussing the challenges siblings of children with SEND have been facing during the pandemic. This video covers strategies to address these issues including supporting siblings with their emotions, ideas for activities, identifying triggers and using preventative strategies, siblings relationships and accessing further support and resources.