Empowering families of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities
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Reaching Families Facebook group is the largest of its kind in West Sussex, an engaging and supportive forum of over 6,000 parent-carers providing hints, tips, discussion and advice on an array of subjects including benefits, education and schools, mental health and wellbeing and specific disabilities.

Our group is also a must for up-to-date information, articles and news on SEND issues both locally and nationally. We regularly share news from a wide variety of sources including SEN Magazine and Special Needs Jungle, leading national organisations like Contact and disability specific charities like the National Autistic Society, Down Syndrome Association, etc. We also provide the very latest news and information about what’s going on in West Sussex.

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Facebook News Page

Our Facebook news page has been designed to keep parents up-to-date with our projects and services. Whilst the group is mainly used for advice and discussion the page is only used for sharing information on our work.

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