Empowering families of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities
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Reaching Families places enormous importance on continual monitoring & evaluation of our work to ensure we are delivering the best possible service to the parents and families we support. We routinely monitor each of our services and also carry out other qualitative and quantitative evaluations to measure the progress we make in supporting families including a major online survey we carry out annually.

For a detailed view of what we have achieved for and learned from parents please view or download our most recent impact report:

Participation 2022/23

Making Sense Guides distributed to parents
factsheets were downloaded from our website
parents attended one of our training workshops
families supported via our Benefits Advice Service
parent-carer participants through Face-2-Face
parent-carers attended one of our Umbrellas support groups

Outcomes 2022/23

parent-carers said they had improved knowledge of how and where to find support
parent-carers that reported improved wellbeing
parent-carers said they had improved resilience
said they felt better supported by other parent-carers
parent-carers reported improved skills and self confidence
said they felt better informed on the subject of their training

Experiences of children with special educational needs and disabilities and their families in the United Kingdom during the coronavirus pandemic

Following the survey we carried out in April 2020 on the impact of covid on families of children with SEND we were approached by Tizard Learning Disability Review at the University of Kent to write a piece to record the effects of the pandemic on the families we support.

The following article written in partnership with Stephen Kingdom from The Disabled Children’s Partnership provides a real time overview of the major challenges that have affected and continue to affect SEND families, including the speed at which some families reached crisis point, the struggle accessing education and providing home learning, the impact on mental health and the experiences of those families who enjoyed the relative peace and quiet of lockdown.

Parent Testimonials